Nominatie International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci

Wow! Het kan niet op de laatste weken. Nathalie is genomineerd voor de International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci. 
Dear Nathalie,

I am very proud to award you with the International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist. The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.

You will be awarded on January 20th, 2018, inside the  Borghese Palace in Florence. If the artist will not be present at the awards ceremony, the prize will be sent home. It is one of the most prestigious art awards awarded in the heart of Florence.

Important celebrities from the world of culture will be present at the ceremony  and the talented artists will be awarded with an important prize for their careers.

In the January/February number of the magazine Art International Contemporary, we will realize an introductive piece dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci’s artistic talent; following to the piece the publication of the selcted artists’ artworks."